Wednesday, March 31, 2010

DR TV: Channel 0

Check out Nesby Phips interview with Phli Lyfe where he speaks on his music, working with Curren$y, Weed, shows, etc. Also Listening Session for Nesby Phips 2nd installment of the Phipsfiles titled The B-side will be April 3rd @ Traffic Boutique during the Deeply Rooted Cookout 1pm-6pm.................U are now watching Channel 0!

Part 1

Part 2


We are more than jus clothing..............We are a Lifestyle!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Taking U back to 1990 with the Classic Poison, the first album by Bell Biv DeVoe, an R&B/hip-hop group composed of three of the original members of New Edition. BBD was a pioneering group that was the first to successfully combine hip-hop with R&B & pop. They explained our music is mentally hip hop, smoothed out on the R&B tip, with a pop feel appeal to it. These three guys style influenced the whole culture, tags on clothes and hats, backwards clothes (first to do it, not kriss kross), smacking girls on the booties in videos, total swagg before people started using the word. They pushed the enevlope to a place that would combine Hip Hop and R&B forever. Enjoy all six videos released off the debut below.


She's Dope
BBD (I thought it was me)
Let me know something
Do Me!
Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike, Ralph & Johnny (Word To The Mutha!)
Ain't Nut'in Changed
When Will I See You Smile Again?
I Do Need You
Poison (Extended Club Version)

She's Dope

BBD (I thought it was me)

Do Me

When will i see u smile again

Word to the Mutha



Boys in Blue
They said you are here to protect and serve
Harassing because of skin tone you got some nerve
Riding around I’m more worried of you than niggas on the street
And you speak of peace
Hiding behind that uniform and badge
You think you have the right to whoop on our ass
Because of you some innocent brothers are rotting in jail
They don’t believe in heaven because you have them living in hell
You even killed some and called it the law
Arresting brothers for petty crimes when you should arrest the ones who ship in the raw
Shoot first ask questions later
That’s your way of doing the community a favor
Just like scientist you use rats to get information
Using snitches for infiltration
I don’t respect the tactics of your crew
So mutha fuck the Boys in Blue
...................Fight against Police Brutality, Misuderstood Soul a Collection of poems available @

Monday, March 29, 2010


This Wednesday, March 31st Streetwear Edition Concert returns with New Orleans Own Jay Electronica plus Stalley @ The Howlin Wolf, New Orleans.............U dont wanna miss this!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Korey was caught shopping for exclusive kicks rocking the Deeply Rooted Comic Tee......Much Love 4 the Support!

CLASSIC KICKS: Nike SB Dunks "Skunk"

Nike’s new SB design, called the ‘Skunk”, puts on a whole new meaning for Nike’s movement “go green”. These are sure to be a CLASSIC. The Nike SB Skunks features cushioned suede all over the kick, the swoosh is colored in purple haze as well as the outsole. The inside shoe covering has a green skunk design on it, which looks like the skunk has been spraying to much stink around the world. An overall funky shoe, and a nice addition to any Nike collection.

The Nike Skunks are to be released in mid April with approximately 4-20 pairs, so grab the kicks quick.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Deeply Rooted Cookout April 3rd 1pm-6pm @ Traffic Boutique 212 Charters St. New Orleans

Come Enjoy Music and Food while Deeply Rooted Premieres their first spring t-shirt design........See U There!

*Also Meet and Greet with Producer/Emcee Nesby Phips
Listening Session for The B-Side Album*

Deeply Rooted is a Lifestyle!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Kid Cudi_Soundtrack 2 my Life

The official HQ quality video for KiD CuDi's "Soundtrack 2 My Life" video from his Man On The Moon: End Of Day album in stores now!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Re-Capping SXSW down in Austin, TX this past weekend. The Smokers Club Show was highly fun. Here is the 1st of a 3 part behind the scenes look at how Cinematic did out there. Day 1 is some footage of Smoke DZA, Curren$y, Big Krit, Dj Wonder, Tabi Bonney, John Columbo and more.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Kidz In The Hall - Fresh Academy (feat. Chip Tha Ripper & Donnis)

The official video for Kidz In The Hall's "Fresh Academy" featuring Chip Tha Ripper & Donnis from their Land Of Make Believe album out now!


LMFAO @ Everybody hates chris. This is the episode of when Chris and Tasha become boyfriend & Girlfriend. Chris Rock is a fool for this show. (full Episode)



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Nesby Phips_Early Bird

The official video for Nesby Phips' "Early Bird" which is the first single from his upcoming The B-Side: Phipstape mixtape coming soon. Listening Session will be held at the Deeply Rooted Cookout April 3rd inside Traffic Boutique 212 Charters, New Orleans.


Finally after months of waiting Jim Jones releases his new mixtape to the streets, The Ghost Of Rich Porter. A mixtape he says is strictly for Harlem.

01. Intro
02. Oh Yeah (Intro) (feat. Rell)
03. Hit ‘Em Up (feat. Mel Matrix, N.O.E. & Chink Santana)
04. Haunted (feat. Sen City & Gucci Mane)
05. Alchemist Freestyle
06. Coke Rush (feat. Sen City & Starr)
07. Bussa Move (feat. Mel Matrix, Shoota & Hard Luck)
08. Harlem Forever (feat. Julez Santana & Tobb Cobain)
09. How Life Go (feat. Sen City, Rell & J.R. Writer)
10. Skit
11. Black On Black (feat. ATM & Sen City)
12. Cocaine Dreams (feat. Chink Santana & Joell Ortiz)
13. My Life Is A Movie (feat. Kingpin Slim)
14. Legends (feat. N.O.E. & Sen City)
15. Money On My Mind (feat. Sandman & Young Handsome)
16. Penicilin (feat. Shawty Lo, Sen City & Chink Santana)
17. Chasin’ The Paper (feat. Shoota, Hard Luck & Oshy)
18. Younger (feat. Sen City)
19. Paper Chase (feat. Mel Matrix & Chink Santana)
20. Rosary (feat. Oshy)
21. Tryna Win (feat. Maino)
22. L.E.P. Bogus Boys – Hustle (feat. Jim Jones)

DOWNLOAD: Jim Jones – The Ghost Of Rich Porter [Mixtape]

DR TV: Channel 0

Ab-Soul - Interview/Freestyle..........U are now watching Channel 0.


We are more than just clothing.............We are a Lifestyle!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Da Goonz_Where They do That

New music video from the Pre Ablum: From Tha Block 2 Da Booth 2," U can also find this song on the Monsta Beatz_Monsters on Mars Album

Monday, March 22, 2010


Taking U back to A Classic Album. It's About Time, the debut studio album by female R&B trio SWV, released by Atlantic Records on October 27, 1992. These ladies style reflected real hip hop, first of its kind. They reminded U of the girl down the block who U had a crush on. With their first release they came in crushing buildings, releasing seven videos and going certified triple platinum. These Sistes With Voices definitley laid the groundwork for every female group after them.........Enjoy all seven videos from the It's About Time album below.


2."I'm So Into You"
3."Right Here"
5."You're Always on My Mind"
7."Coming Home"
8."Give It to Me"
9."Blak Pudd'n"
10."It's About Time"
11."Think You're Gonna Like It"
12."That's What I Need"
13."SWV (In the House)"
14."Weak (Acapella)"
15."Right Here/Human Nature"*

Right Here

Im so into U



You're always on my mind


Right Here (Human Nature Mix)

Friday, March 19, 2010


Saturday, The day before Easter, Deeply Rooted is having a cookout to celebrate their first spring release @ Traffic Boutique, 212 Charters St., New Orleans. Come enjoy music, Food, Meet the guys behind the Enterprise, and of course come cop the new t-shirt..........More surprises to come so Stay Tuned!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Pac Div_Shut Up ft. Cool Kids

off their Church League Champions mixtape out now!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


The Goal Group showing Deeply Rooted that support........Much Love!

Franchise caught in the Deeply Rooted Grey Graffiti T-shirt speeding....

J Dollar caught in the Deeply Rooted Stack T-shirt........

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Chip tha Ripper_Feel Good

The official video for Chip Tha Ripper's "Feel Good" which is the buzz single from his Mick Boogie and Terry Urban presented The Cleveland Show mixtape out now!

CLASSIC KICKS: Nike Air Max2 CB '94

The Air Max2 CB ‘94 is one of the most sought after shoes from Sir Charles line as well as the Air CB34. The Air CB34 received proper attention when Nike decided to retro them in 2007. The original release was 1994 and Nike retro’d this OG colorway in the early 2000’s. Find them if U can.........I think Im wearing mines today!

DR TV: Channel 0

A few weeks ago Curren$y had a concert in his hometown of New Orleans @ The Howlin Wolf where he performed for a soldout crowd. Check out a lil snippet of his performance as well as Nesby Phips performing his verse off Mazaltov Cocktail which appears on the Smokee Robinson Mixtape.........Did i mention Phips did the beat also.......U are now watching Channel 0!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

VIDEO OF THE DAY: B.o.B - Nothing On You (feat. Bruno Mars)

from his forthcoming The Adventures Of Bobby Ray album in stores April 27th..........Dedicated to the special girls around the world!


Women I know I don't do right by you
I lie, cheat, beat, rape, and curse but claim my love is true
With verbal and physical abuse I try to bring U down
Not realizing without U, I wouldn't be around
I send U on a love and hate rollercoaster ride
Somehow U always seem to stick by my side
Being with U sexual activities is what I expect
But when the children come responsibility I wont accept
So U take on the role of mother and father all on your own
Sometimes you are barely grown
As men we don't understand a Woman worth
Forgetting they are the only ones that can give birth
Which makes U Black Queen of the Earth
Sorry for the pain I inflict
......................Misunderstood Soul, a collection of poems availabe @ and Peaches Record Store, New Orleans


LMFAO @ Aaron Spears. This is one of the first times we got to see him on tv. The man behind the impersonations....... Much Respect to Def Comedy Jam!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The Deeply Rooted Comic T-shirt is officially SOLD OUT everywhere in white and black. It is no longer Online or in boutiques in your surrounding areas. Thx for all the support!..........The first spring release is on its way. Stay Tuned to the Great Adventures of Deeply Rooted!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Devin The Dude - What I Be On

from his upcoming Welcome To Suite #420 EP due out on iTunes TODAY!


The first rapper I got the chance to interview on the radio, back in my Corporate days. Whats the coincidence the first time we heard Consequence was on A tribe called quest album titled Beatz, Rhymes, and Life and my radio show was called Beatz and Rhymez. Shouts out the radio stations out there........sike, yall suck ass. So its only right that we premiere this new album with 13 bangers. Consequence and G.O.O.D Music, in conjunction with NahRight and Universal Motown present Movies On Demand, the brand new mixtape from Cons featuring all new tracks and guest appearances by Styles P, Diddy, John Legend, KiD CuDi, Rick Ross, Talib Kweli, The LOX, Kanye West, Asher Roth, Q-Tip, Maino, Common and many more. ITS A MOVIE!!!
Consequence’s new LP Cons TV is due out later this year.

DOWNLOAD: Movies on Demand[Mixtape]

Monday, March 15, 2010


We are more than just clothing................We are a Lifestyle!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Kidz In The Hall - Introlude

Land Of Make Believe album in stores now.

Friday, March 12, 2010

DR TV: Channel 0

Here is episode 8 of Wiz Khalifa Day Today Season 2 Webisode.......Hope U been keeping up. Kush x Orange Juice Coming Soon!......U are now watching Channel 0.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Taking U back to the 1995 Source awards, when Bad Boy Records and Deathrow Records were the biggest names on the planet. Sit back and watch both crews hit the stage for performance that people are still talking about 15 years later.

Bad Boy Family

Deathrow Records


Re-Capping a trip to Skin Deep Tattoo Shop to visit Ceaux Young, where Mally got a little Ink work.......

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

VIDEO OF THE DAY: U-N-I - Lately (Remix) (feat. Miguel)

Our favorite group from Inglewood is back with new visuals....

CLASSIC KICKS: Nike Air Trainer Huarache

A year after the original Air Huarache was introduced, Nike presented the Air Huarache Trainer in 1992. This was a cross-trainning shoe that implemented the ‘Huarache fit’ and had a large adjustable Velcro strap for added stability. The skeleton frame protected the neoprene and Spandex sock, and the holes in the upper provided great ventilation.