Saturday, December 25, 2010


Curren$y - Daze Of Thunder

Nesby Phips - Word To These Bo Jacksons


Re-Capping Fiend, Corner Boy P., and Spitta in Amsterdam. Roll it, Light it, Smoke it......Welcome to Amsterdam.


Sneak Peek into Schoolboy Q’s upcoming mixtape, Setbacks. Check out the video for Live Again ft. Kendrick Lamar and Curtains.

DR TV: Channel 0

HardKnock.TV takes you Behind the Scenes into Kendrick Lamar’s studio to talk to about Kendrick and Dr. Dre working together on Detox material. Kendrick gives his account on what it’s like to work with the good doctor and how he found out the Dre wanted to work with him.....U are now watching Channel 0!


Finally the Big K.R.I.T (Feat. Currensy & Killa Kyleon) - Moon & Stars Remix video hits the net after many behind the scenes look. check it out below.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The Allure

Eyes locked, breath synched, fingers reaching
Souls meeting, for the first time it seems in years
I just want you near, hell baby I miss you even when you're here.
So seemless this thing here I'm up you're down you're my twist I'm your turn I arch and continuously yearn
Grab a hold of my eyes so we can dance
Take my heart and kiss it gently while in this trance.
Circles we go round and round, shapes we mimic as we produce these sounds
Tell me all that you need me to know and nothing of what you want
Give me all you've seen, keep all you haven't.
Let's be eachother's habit. Paint me pictures of what you can't seem to relay.
Give me all that remains from old wounds left untreated.
Give me the memories left from lovers who left you defeated.
I'll take them all as I nurse you back to health.
Let me be the comfort you've never felt.
You say I'm too small for this Goliath task and the notion is too outrageous for you to grasp.
You loaned you're heart out years ago, to someone who brought it back to you broke.
You glued it back together and tightened its screws but it doesn't work like new.
I'll restore it. Let go and I'll catch you.
Begin to swim and I'll pull to shore
I'll begin to be what you live for.
I'll be your craving in the middle of the night.
I'll cast away the darkness and bring the sunrise.
But I can only be these things once you allow yourself to fall.
So until then I'll just be the 1 you to call to sit and breathe and to rearrange configure fantasies.
Don't you worry I'll be here right until you figure out I'm the 1 by that time I'll be done.
Just to play the game all over again to re submerge in some new sin.
The thrill of the chase will no longer excite me, the fire you once produced will no longer ignite me.
So sorry you had to fall victim to prey, but there's nothing you could have done to avoid the slay.
But please take your tears and count each 1 as a lesson learned, never ever trust a woman whose been burned.

By: member to our P.O.E.T.S. Crew......Put On Earth to Speak!


The Cool Kids - Big Talk

Chip Tha Ripper - Ain't No Love Here

DR TV: Channel 0

*dead* at the video getting removed from YouTube. Anyways, Raheem talks about his… well… softcore pr0n of a music video. Check it out in our previous Mellow Moods post.....U are now watching Channel 0!


Reminding U that Tabi Bonney's Fresh is now available on iTunes. Check out his latest video off the album. Get me/Make a killin


Recognize the Dream in your Reality_Mally


Taking a sneak peek at what Kendrick Lamar has been up to since meeting the Compton Legend, Dr. Dre.

Also check out the video_Look out for Detox

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Big K.R.I.T._Can't Be All

New video from that Mississippi boy....


Video from Raheem DeVaughn's latest mixtape Jackin 4 Beats (dropping 11/29/2010) "She's Single" The beat was jacked from Lil Wayne "Single".

CLASSIC KICKS: December Releases 2010

Jordan XIII Blk/Alitiude Green_Dec. 11

Jordan XIII White/Red_Dec 18

Jordan XI Cool Grey_Dec. 23

Monday, December 6, 2010

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Big Sean_Crazy

Album coming soon. Finally Famous v.3 out now.


Rollin the perfect paper plane with Wiz Khalifa.


Here are some Unreleased Pac Div songs.
… including a previously unreleased cut with Blu, all of which were unleashed by Like via the Twitter. So instead of uploading a bunch of separate links, I’m zipping them all up into one file. Tracklist down bottom.

1. Ditch The Ugly Friend
2. Golden Lady
3. Suffer
4. If That Ain’t Love f. Diz Gibran
5. Feel
6. Hey Baby
7. Cringe f. Blu



Re-Capping footage of the Dip Set Reunion that took place during the Thanksgiving weekend, courtesy of Masar.

Friday, December 3, 2010


Jaz caught posing in the mirror rocking the Deeply Rooted Comic tee.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Kid Cudi_Mojo's So Dope

Cudi album in stores now


The wait is finally over, From Da Block to Tha Booth 2 is here. Get to know BonKa & Dinero a lil bit better........

1.GOON INtro(produced by Ad Tha Future)
2.Barry white(produced AWNP)
3.Come & get it feat K Gates ( Niyo)
4.Goon Radio
5.Think it's a Game(it's on u) feat Franchise Tief
6.Gettin it In feat YF (Niyo)
7.Blow this money feat Keith Jacobs( prod. by Jon Doe)
8.Piff, Di*k, & Rose skit
9.No Swagg(produced by s8ighty)
10.Switch my Hustle(produced by chicks&spaceships)
11.Goon radio
12.Goon in Goon out
13.Hold up Hold up(Bonka solo)prod. (AWNP)
14.Destiny(Dinero solo) (AWNP)
15.All about it feat LG(produced by Good Guys)
16.back of the Lexus(produced Big Chop)
17.Goon Radio
18.Where they do that feat dee low(prod. Monsta Beatz)
19.Da hood(AWNP)
20.Niggas & Bitches knowfeat.LG (prod. Monsta Beatz)
22.Fu*k Boy


Also check out some videos off the album:
Scared Money

Up all night

Black & Gold


Gunz_Higher Learning Mixtape

After the long wait gunz iz back with his new mixtape titled "HIGHER LEARNING"HE has worked and performed wit some of the most talented people in the sit back and enjoy! Listen & Download below.


Lloyd_Lets Get it in ft. 50 Cent.


Sneak Peek in Kendrick Lamar OD Tape with new video titled Michael Jordan.

The Compton native cruised through to New York’s XXL offices and spat a few bars over Dre beats....Peep it!

Kendrick Lamar "Bang Bang XXL Freestyle" from XXL Video on Vimeo.

Kendrick Lamar "The Watcher XXL Freestyle" from XXL Video on Vimeo.

DR TV: Channel 0

In the 4th and 5th episodes of Talking Fly w/ Shaheem Reid, Spitta speaks about his new album (above), the possibility of working with Lil Wayne again and upcoming collaborations with Wiz Khalifa.....U are now watching Channel 0!


Re-Capping Wiz Khalifa on the Angela Yee, The Morning After Show.